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Thanks to the experience acquired by staff and the availability
of more modern technologies, Sinesplast is able to develop
any type of container or box thermoformable material.
Developments have been made in all areas of the
food industry and in particular in the fields of confectionery, dairy and
meat and cold cuts in ATM.
The development is carried out with flexibility and speed to the needs
of the customer and of its implementation through the creation of
a technical drawing with which you create the prototype and after
approval of this on the part of the customer shall create
the final mold for industrial production.

Many problems were solved for customers with special needs
through research of new solutions also allowed from the production
of new generation fully automated electrically
and with innovative features.

Thanks to research into new solutions were in time filed
patents of which the most recent case boxes and containers
"Tamper evident" (tamper Evidence), or containers
that allow the opening only after ripped a part that highlights the tampering ...