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Sinesplast main ability is not only the quality of its products, but also the capability of its collaborators to suggest, after an accurate analysis, the most convenient and suitable solutions for the customer needs. Then the idea is brought to the design phase, through the sheer planning stage, with a set of 2D and 3D CAD schemes, viewed from time to time with the customer and with our technical department and, eventually, always subjected to changes and improvements to achieve the customer best satisfaction. From the schemes we pass to the realisation of the prototype, achieved through several procedures (fast prototyping, wood model, etc…) that brought to the final solution and to the creation of the aluminium mould, using a CNC machine tool. The last stage of this process is the sheer realization of the particular, with the highest care and respecting the planned time schedule, thanks to the experience and the professionalism of Sinesplast’s collaborators.